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Whether you're looking to do-it-yourself or looking for a professional painter near me. These are the steps learned through experience to get the best results!

How to remove wallpaper

Step 1: Remove Wallpaper
Step 2: Repair Wall
Step 3: Prime – 1 Coat
Step 4: Paint – 2 Coats


Supplies: Water, Water Sprayer, Putty knife

Step 1: Remove Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper can be overwhelming. Step 1, is the most tedious step. Soak the wallpaper in water. Using a pump sprayer is a great way to apply water to the wall. Once the paper is drenched, scrap the wallpaper off with a putty knife or other flat surface tool. The goal here is to remove all of the wallpaper and the wallpaper adhesive.

Step 2: Repair Wall

After all the wallpaper & glue is removed, look for holes, loose drywall tape and other imperfections. Small holes can be filled with mud, putty, or spackle. Large holes in drywall are replaced with pieces of drywall. Sand the patches smooth.

Step 3: Prime with 1 Coat

Normally, previously painted walls don’t need a primer coat except for few scenarios. This is one of those special cases. We recommend using an oil, xylene, or shellac based primer. Do NOT use a latex primer. This is because the wallpaper adhesive will react with the waterbased latex and the top coat will not adhere properly.

Step 4: Paint - 2 Coats

Finally, the top coat. Choose any latex paint. Recently, there has been a trend towards duller finishes. We recommend a matte, velvet, satin sheen. Two coats of paint will be needed for complete coverage.

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